Inhalations – Rhinoplasty – Group Inhalations (Hammam)

Smokovo Baths are well-known throughout the country for the relief and relief they offer to those with respiratory problems. Bathers see significant improvements in chronic respiratory diseases (bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, etc.) and more generally their quality of life. This natural form of coping with the problem is widespread in Northern Europe.

Rhinoplanes Rhinoplanes
(chronic rhinitis, etc.) help protect the body, especially smokers and residents of major cities, as well as easier treatment of respiratory infections in the winter months. Drinking

is also recommendedfor diseases of the digestive system, such as perchloric gastritis, chronic colitis, etc. and is carried out by various free cold sources in the spa town of Loutropolis. The natural waters of the Smokovo thermal springs are the softer of all the hot springs in Greece and this is also aided by the great variation of their temperature (29th – 42nd).